Our Corby based, 9 bed facility across 3 houses, providing short to medium term accommodation for those who are homeless

The Accommodation

Our Corby Homeless Project is three houses which house 9 people in single bedrooms, with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. 

It provides medium term accommodation for people who are rough sleeping or at risk of rough sleeping. The aim of the project is to help individuals address barriers to long term housing, and move them on into what we hope is their ‘forever’ home. 

What We Do

Whilst residing with us, different individuals require different levels of support. For some, this is a roof whilst we find alternative accommodation. For others, it could be helping resolve debt, tackle addiction or undertake some training. Below is a list of just some of the things that our staff and volunteers support with:

  • Helping indiviuduals address debt and budgeting 
  • Find opportunities for training and education 
  • Guide them through the homelessness application and housing pathway 
  • Resolve physical and mental health issues 
  • Develop life skills such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, paying bills
  • Support to access addiction and recovery netwroks and services 
  • Find suitable accommodation and associated furniture and household goods

Move-On and After

We work with the local authority and other accommodation providers such as supported accommodation orprivate landlords to find places for individuals to move on.

Once they leave us, we offer to continue our support to ensure that they maintain the accommodation. This might jsut be helping to set up direct debits, or could be attending appointments with them and arranging food parcels.

Access To Our Service


All residents must be referred by North Northants Council, normally the outreach or housing team.

If you are rough sleeping, you should contact the rough sleeping team or housing team at NNC at or calling 01536 464630.


Most of our eligbility criteria is based on whether an indiviudals is homeless, and being supported by the local council.

Most of assessment  criteria is based our risk assessment, which is based on the indiviudal and situational (i.e. based on other residents, staffing levels, support needs and our ability to meet these, resources available).

The only other eligibility criteria we apply as standard is:

  • If the indiviudal has an unspent conviction for arson
  • If the indiviudal has an unspent conviction for a sexual offence
  • If the indiviudal is deemed to be at risk in the local area which could put others, including residents and staff, at risk

If you have any questions please do get in touch with us.


All potential residents will have an assessment, either face to face or over the phone, where will ask questions about their situation, their previous housing and any support issues they have.

We do ask that individuals are as honest as possible; we do not form judgements around situations however, understanding the challenges someone is facing will help us better support them. For example, this could be that we put them in a different bedroom if they have anxiety, or could be that we ensure there are facililties for clean needle exchanges for drug users.

We will make a risk assessment based on the indiviudal and the other residents in the house to ensure that their stay with us is as positive as possible.



Whilst residing with us, we as an organisation are in receipt of their housing benefit which covers roughly 70% of our costs.

We also ask that residents pay a nominal service charge each week to help cover the other costs, and to also build positive habits around paying bills and costs, and budgeting.

We will not ask residents to pay this to the detriment of the client, for example if they have no money due to a benefit delay. We may, depending on the circumstances, ask for evidence for this.


Is there a minimum or maximum length of stay?

We are not prescriptive about a minimum or maximium time for someone to reside with us however generally we would expect someone to be with us for at least 6 months, and no more than 12-18 months. Each case is different and depends on what an indiviudal needs, and also depends on how long it takes to find more permanent acccomodation

I am an agency - can I refer a client to you?

Unfortuantely we are not able to accept referrals from anyone other than the local council. 

If you or someone you are working with is  homeless you should contact them as soon as possible, make them aware and complete a homeless application. If suitable, they will refer you to the project. 

Is it men only?

We are open to all genders as we have indiviudal rooms rather than shared.

Our bathroom, kitchen and lounge facilities are shared with up to two more people.

We will not refuse accommodation ue to how someone identifies or any other charateristic.

Unfortunately our accommodation is not suitable for those who are disabled who use a wheelchair or who struggle with stairs.  For someone with a disability you may qualify for priority need with the council so we would recommend contacting them.

Is there a charge for residents?

We ask residents to contribute a nomial service charge each week, whilst they are with us. This is to cover costs and to get into the habit of paying rent/bills. Our aim is to enable people to gain and maintain permanent accommodation and paying bills is a key part of this.

This is currently £15 a week.

We would never refuse entry to someone who could not pay, nor would it be detrimental to someone’s stay if they were unable to pay – we would work with them to establish why and resolve this.

Do you operate a waiting list?

Yes we operate a waiting list. All referrals are placed on the waiting list and then are brought into the house on a first come first served basis. We do not make judgements about who is in higher need than soneone else.

Once a referral is made, you may be asked some basic questions and you will be placed on the waiting list. When a space comes up, or is about to, we will contact you to arrange an assessment.

How long will I have to wait before I can come in?

Unfortunately our beds are full nearly all of the time and we have several people our waiting list year round. As things constantly change, it could be a couple of weeks or it could be months.

In the meantime we would encourage you to contact the local council to open a homeless application, and would also encourage you to apply to supported accommodation in the areas if that is suitable.

My question isn't listed...

Please email us if you have any further questions that aren’t answered on our website

Our Impact and Successes

In 2020, 10 people moved into their own home and have maintained that accommodation since

11 people were helped to open a bank account through our partnership with HSBC for those without address and ID

In 2020 we helped 673 people in the community with food, advice and supported