Do you want to see God’s work in action? Are you a Christian? Member of a church?

If you answered yes to these, then you can make a difference in your community.

Our teams go out with pockets full of lollipops, and have a member carrying a bag of flip flops. The response that we have received from the regulars in the bars and clubs, passers-by, door staff and the police has been very positive: we have been made most welcome.

Wellingborough Street Pastors make it clear to people that they are not about preaching, but offering practical help and support. A current DBS is preferred.

If you are interested in becoming a Street Pastor, you can come out first as an observer to see if it’s for you. You’d be required to pastor one night per month.

Also wanted: Prayer Pastors – preferably to meet with other Prayer Pastors to pray in Wellingborough when the Street Pastors are out and about, but prayer support from people who are unable to leave their home is also very welcome.

School Pastors is also being piloted in part of Wellingborough, to support pupils on their journey home from school.

Although based in Wellingborough, several of the volunteers are from East Northamptonshire, particularly the Rushden area – and so are many of the people whom they help.

To find out more, please ring Malcolm Ray on 07908 003581.