We think it’s great when we’re able to share a success story and Dean is most definitely one of them.

Dean first came to Recovery House in October 2016, however by his own admission he did not fully undertake the task set to him and he found himself back with us in October 2017.

After battling addiction for the majority of his life, Dean recognised that it was not going to be an easy journey to get clean but with the help and support of Recovery House he has done exactly that and has remained clean for 13 months now.

Although he recognises that this is an ongoing process and that he will never stop doing the step work that is taught in Recovery House, he now recognises that ‘recovery gives me an option, once I recognise that there is a danger to myself I can choose to speak to someone and do something about it before it becomes an issue.’

Dean says that ‘drugs gave me confidence and meant that I didn’t feel uneasy with life. When I was using drugs, I felt the ultimate quiet. However, now recovery gives me that same quiet.’ ‘As humans we are designed to live in a community, but within addiction we isolate ourselves’, that’s why the ‘little family’ that Recovery House provides is so important.

He credits Recovery House with saving his life. ‘It not only gives you a chance at life, it helps you once you move on. As long as I do the right thing, I know that I have support from Recovery House for the rest of my life. I’ve gained friendships and feel part of something which means that I can walk down the street with my head held high.’

Dean now volunteers with us and helps to run one of our morning groups because ‘I want to help out and do what other people have done for me. I want to show people that it’s possible to change and make recovery seem attractive.’