Regardless of how far you think that climate change is caused by humans, few people deny that we need to do more to look after our world. But even though safeguarding the integrity of creation etc has been one of the Five Marks of Mission of the Anglican Communion for many years, local churches and other faith groups haven’t often led the way locally in changing things for the better. Instead, secular reports have usually taken the lead, such as the Committee on Climate Change, which recently called for many radical changes within this country, such as the trebling of woodland creation by 2050. Such grand targets will be met nationally, however, only if action is taken to make a difference locally – and churches and similar groups are well-placed for making that difference, as well as potentially increasing people’s wellbeing, strengthening community life, and prompting environmentally concerned residents to become part of their local community.

All that’s needed, is a few like-minded people to come together; find somewhere to plant some trees (e.g. public/church owned land or friendly private land owners); obtain some trees (e.g. cheaply from the Woodland Trust); plants and look after them, and perhaps hold the occasional community event on the land to keep people interested.

If this is something that you’d like to start in your local community – or are doing already, please contact Andrew Presland (01933 316927, 07943 307873 or at to tell him more.

One of many examples of how this could happen is Midshires Covert, near Harrington (near the A14 west of Rothwell), where there will be an open afternoon from 2pm on Saturday 20th July – and which people are welcome to visit any time. Details are available from Andrew and on Facebook at