The next East Northants Community Leaders’ Lunch will be taking place on

Wednesday 1st May 2019: 11.30am for 12 noon,

at the Frontier Centre, off Addington Road, Irthlingborough, NN9 5UF. The meeting room is on the first floor of the main reception building.

The lunch will follow three short talks:

  • Helen Cameron, Chair of the Northampton District of the Methodist Church, will encourage those who are involved in serving their communities, as well as sharing about her role within the Methodist Church and the wider community;
  • Denise Evans will talk about the wellbeing café that she and others have established at St Giles’ Church, Northampton, describing how similar projects can be started elsewhere
  • An update on the various working groups that are now active following the visit of Redeeming Our Communities to the county last Autumn – seeking to make positive differences in several easy, including on social inclusion, mental health issues, and through work with families, youth and gangs.

As usual, those present will have an opportunity to talk briefly about any new activities/projects that they are developing, and a buffet lunch will be provided alongside welcome drinks and refreshments. There will also be lots of time for catching up with others and networking.

What does it cost? Although there is no cost of this event, we suggest a donation of £5 on the day to cover food and other costs associated with the setting up of the lunch.

Who is this event for? Anyone who is interested, whether or not an official leader of anything

Places can be booked online at

A poster can here downloaded here: Leaders lunch – 1st May 2019