Celebrate Recovery: running in Rushden on Wednesday evenings 7pm for 7:30pm start: accepting God’s grace to solve life’s problems
Celebrate Recovery offers anyone the opportunity of a fresh start, new hope, ongoing support and encouragement to both men and women who have struggles with ‘hurts, hang-ups, and habits’.
The organizers (Rushden Full Gospel Church) seek to help individuals overcome difficulties including overeating, grief, divorce, insecurity, relationships, gambling, control, abuse, alcohol, drugs, guilt, sexual addiction, lying, perfectionism, anger, rage, fear, anxiety, co-dependency, overspending, procrastination, hypochondria, and various other problematic issues that many people struggle with and earnestly desire to break free from.
At the heart of Celebrate Recovery is a tried and tested programme, that has been instrumental in the liberating and healing of literally thousands of people, helping them to find a new life worth living. This is a Bible based and Christ-centred approach to Recovery. The organizers are convinced that Celebrate Recovery can do the same for everyone who sincerely works through this 12 steps programme
to recovery with honest commitment.
Starting Wednesday 6th February 2019, but before then, come along to our introductory, welcome session on Wednesday 23rd January to find out more and enrol.
Venue: The Full Gospel Church, 60 High Street South, Rushden, NN10 0QX.
The following information can be downloaded here: