Whichever way church members voted in the EU referendum (if they voted at all), the latest newsletter from the Cambridge-based Jubilee Centre suggests a couple of ways in which local churches can help bring together their local communities if relations are still fractured following the vote, perhaps having been made worst through some of the ongoing discussions on social media, where it’s easy for people to communicate only with those who share their views, as an unhelpful ‘echo chamber’. In particular, it suggests holding community events to:

• bring together people of opposing views on Brexit so that they can relate to one another as fellow human beings; and

• remind people of the things that they have in common, such as living in the same neighbourhood (and perhaps even uniting over shared frustrations on road closures or potholes in the East Northants of 2018…)
Might there be opportunities for you to hold such an event? The authors suggest that new housing developments provide particularly good opportunities for this type of thing.